Nordic-Baltic ICH Network

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Network for sharing Nordic and Baltic good practices of safeguarding Intangible Cultural Heritage

The Nordic and Baltic network on Intangible Cultural Heritage was established at Kaustinen Intangible Cultural Heritage Seminar 2019, and the organization of the network was established in a satellite meeting associated with the first Nordic ICH conference Living heritage in the Nordic countries 31.10–1.11.2019 in Hanaholmen Cultural Centre, Espoo, Finland.

The provisional aim of the network is to share good practices on community involvement in a wider scope. The informal network envisages regular meetings open for all stakeholders and domains working in the spirit of the UNESCO Convention for the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage. The network will use the webpage Nordic Safeguarding Practices as a description of the developing network of sharing methods for community involvement, and it will host the network homepage in the future.

Contact persons:

Matti Hakamäki (network committee chairperson, Finnish Folk Music Institute)

Marit Stranden

The Network summer 2020 webinar 11.6.2020 is on the topic of multinational Unesco intangible cultural heritage list files. Donwload the webinar program and participating instructions.



Watch the Kaustinen Intangible Cultural Heritage Seminar 2019 online: