The Folk Music Institute is the biggest publisher of folk music oriented books and records in Finland. Publications have been a part of the institutes work since the very beginning and nowadays the catalogue consists of ca. 100 records and 60 books. The institute also publishes the folk music magazine Pelimanni in cooperation with the Finnish Folk Music  Association.

Amongst our book publications are eg. educational guides for playing the Finnish bowed lyre jouhikko, the harmonica, the Finnish folk zither kantele, the accordion, the fiddle and the mandolin as well as books presenting the music of Konsta Jylhä or the arrangements of Näppäri-musicians for folk music groups. Also research publications are available. On CD albums different less common instruments such as the jaw harp and jouhikko are presented as well as wonderful solos of master folk musicians, historical Finnish-American recordings and the inspiring sounds of today’s folk music.

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